Raw Organic Nori Sheets- 1 Pack - 50 sheets

Raw Organic Nori Sheets- 1 Pack - 50 sheets
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50qty RAW Organic Sushi Nori Sheets


  • Certified Organic  USDA/ EcoCert
  • Certified Kosher
  • RAW - UN-Toasted UnCooked
  • Sealed package of 50 sheets for Freshness
  • Package has a Zipper Lock Seal to reseal and retain Freshness


Our product is USDA / Ecocert Certified Organic, as well as Kosher Certified. In addition we also test at a independent Laboratory here in the U.S. for more then 450 potential contaminants including pesticide residues and heavy metals, as well as 16 different Isotopes of Radiation.  Out Nori has come out 100 percent "Non Detectable" in every single category.



These are full size sushi Nori sheets. They come sealed in a package of 50 sheets.



With celebrated culinary use reported back to the 8th century, Nori continues to reign as Japan's most popular sea vegetable - famously known for its role as a sushi wrapper. Nori contains almost 50% protein - the highest of any seaweed - along with an exceptionally dense quantity of valuable minerals and phytonutrients. Our Nori Sheets are simply raw (nori) algal fronds pressed into traditional paper-thin sheets, ready to be enjoyed in all kinds of savory cuisine. Deliciously full of umami flavor, nori is often enjoyed in wraps, soups, salads, rice, and simply eaten a la carte as a low calorie raw snack. Our Nori Sheets are pressed and dried at a temperature that does not exceed 85F. Under constant care and inspection, the nori is rinsed, chopped, pressed, and dried naturally. Our nori sheets are hand-selected for top-grade quality and flavor. These nori sheets are sustainably harvested and are certified organic, vegan, Kosher and raw.