eBook + Nut Milk Bag Combo Kit

eBook + Nut Milk Bag Combo Kit
eBook + Nut Milk Bag Combo Kit eBook + Nut Milk Bag Combo Kit
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eBook Juicing Beginner's Guide


Nut Milk Bag





A Beginner's Guide


This helpful eBook will get you started on your new path tho health! With over 100 Juicing recipes you will have endless ideas for tasty juices!

 The biggest mistake made by new juicer owners is that they just buy a bunch of produce and put it in the juicer.. and then it doesn't taste great, and they get discouraged about juicing! Would you just throw a bunch of ingredients in the oven without knowing how they go together?

These Recipes are Healthy and Taste Great! Good for the whole family. The book also explains which nutrients help with different ailments, so you can tailor your juicing for your specific health needs. Feel a cold coming on? There's a juice recipe  for that! Arthritis acting up? There's a recipe for that! 

Topics covered:

Juice Feasting

Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing as a Lifestyle

Choosing and maintaining a Juicer 

Top mistakes made by the Beginner Juicer and how to avoid them

Nutrient Content of different Fruits and Vegetables

Juices for Common Ailments

over 100 Recipes!


We highly recommend this book to anyone from beginner to experienced juicer alike. If you are about to purchase your first juicer, this eBook will help you get up and running in no- time! Get the most out of your new investment by learning the tricks and tips.





Nylon Strainer Bag for making Raw Nut Milks, Straining Juices, Nut Cheeses and Sprouting seeds!

1 Gallon Size

Nylon Construction does not rot or promote the growth of bacteria or mold

Elastic top holds the bag securely to the top of a blender or other container for easy use

Washes clean easily every time!

Durable- holds up to the most rigorous squeezing day after day!