FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell other Omega Products/Models not listed on the Website?

-Yes! We are Omega Dealers and can help you with any Omega Product you are interested in. If you don't see the Model you are interested in on the website here, please send us a note using the Contact Us form on the right side of the page. We'll get back to you ASAP! 

Can Omega Juicers handle Wheatgrass?

-Yes! All of the Masticating Omega Juicers excel at juicing Wheatgrass and other leafy greens! You will get the maximum amount of juice from your produce, and will save $ over time by needing to use less produce compared to a cheap juicer. You will be amazed at how much juice the Omega's can squeeze out of leafy greens :) 

Do I need any special attachments to juice wheatgrass?

-No! The Masticating Omega Juicers come with everything you need. No extra parts or attachments ever need to be purchased. 

What is the Omega Warranty?

- Most Omega Juicers come with a 10 year warranty, except the 8006HD & 8004HD models which have an extended 15 year warranty! please see the specific product pages for warranty period on that model. 
Your juicer will come with warranty materials and information on how to register your juicer and receive warranty service if you ever need it. It will also have the toll free Omega Warranty support phone hotline. 

Are Omega Juicers Easy to Clean?

-Yes! All Omega Juicers are made of durable materials that are cleaned easily and hold up over time- we know, we use Omega Juicers EVERYDAY in our own kitchens and have been doing to so for many years, and have never needed to replace any parts! of course, any appliance is easiest to clean right after use, rather than letting it sit and have the juicing contents dry on the parts! but even if you forget to clean right away, just soak the parts in a large bowl or kettle with warm soapy water for a few hours, then scrub them down as you normally would. We recommend a medium hardness bristle brush, like a large toothbrush for easiest cleaning. 

How much does Shipping Cost?

-It's FREE! All products ship free via UPS to your doorstep. 

How long does shipping take?

-UPS ground shipping usually takes 2-5 business days depending on your address. If you need more specific times, please contact us with your address. 

Is there additional Tax?

-No. Since the Juicers are shipped direct from the factory to you, there is no local sales tax due. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

- We accept all major credit cards and Paypal payments. We work with Paypal.com to process all of our payments, since we believe they are the easiest, safest, and most secure way to pay for goods online! We've been working with them for years and they are second to none. All payment info is kept secure with Paypal, we do not receive, see, or store your credit card info. We only see that you have ordered and paid, and then we ship you your items! You do not need a Paypal account to checkout. Paypal has an extensive Buyer Protection Service for anyone who uses their services. For any specific questions regarding Paypal, please see their website www.Paypal.com. 

You do not need a Paypal account to checkout and pay. Once you are directed to the Paypal payment page, you can click in the lower part of the screen where it says "Don't Have a Paypal Account?" to Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest. Your information is still just as secure, but you dont need to sign up for a Paypal account.


Juicer FAQ


Why Buy A New Juicer rather than a Used one?

Simple, because with a new unit, you get a full warranty! Omega Masticating Juicers have the longest warranty of any juicer. All models have either a 10 or 15 year warranty! What other household item is guaranteed to work for 15 years?! Purchasing a used juicer may save you a few $ up front, but it could break down in a month and you are out all of the $ spent.  Juicers are an investment in your health, and Omegas are a safe investment!


Why are Omega Juicers more expensive than the juicers are Walmart?

Well, in the long run, they aren’t! That’s because they are built to last, easy to use, and make the BEST juice!

Since the warranties of Omega Juicers are so long, the cost of ownership per year is VERY low! for example, the 8004 model is $245.99 with a 15 year warranty, this breaks down to only $16.40 per year to own a top of the line juicer! If you buy a typical $100 centrifugal machine at the store, it will only have a 1 year warranty. And from our own experience, they rarely last that long if you use them everyday. Cheap juicers are made for people who buy them and forget about them. If you are serious about juicing everyday as  a lifestyle, then an Omega Masticating Juicer is the only option.


Why are Masticating Juicers so much better than Centrifugal types?

Masticating juicers are incredibly superior to cheap centrifugal type juicers. They get much juice from the produce you put in, especially from leafy greens and wheatgrass, where the centrifugal types just shred greens and pass them through with little to no juice! The Omegas are very very easy to clean too! much easier then centrifugal types, we promise! most centrifugal types have all sorts of little nooks and crannies that are hard to get to and a million parts to put back together. the 8000 series has only 4 main pieces that get washed and they are large bulky parts that a quick run under the faucet is all they need, no hard to get to places! many years ago before I got hooked on Omega's I had a cheap centrifugal because I didnt know any better, I used it everyday because I was determined! (I actually had 3 of them eventually, because they kept burning out) I was excited so I bought my mom one too. she used it for a week and then it slowly never got used because it was a pain to clean and she didnt have time to deal with it before going to work.. I bought her an 8003 model 5 years ago,,,and she has used it every day since! she even uses it before and after work most days :) So if she thinks its easy to use, anyone will ;) ! 


Masticating Juicers use slow speed, low RPM to squeeze the juice, which means there is low oxidization. This is key to healthy juice. The high speeds of centrifugal type juicers oxidize the juice, destroying nutrients and vital enzymes and the juice must be consumed immediately or it will go bad. Masticating juicers allow you to prepare juice and store it for up to 72 hours in the fridge! The crushing mechanisms that masticating juicers use actually break down the cellular walls of the produce to release all of the nutrients, which means a superior juice in terms of nutrients, enzymes, and taste. Cheap juicers merely shred the produce releasing the water content with a small amount of actual nutrients.

You will save $ in the long run with a Masticating juicer because it is more efficient! You will yield more juice per pound of produce, so you have to buy less produce to get the same amount of juice!


What are the differences between the Omega Models?

There are 2 types of Omega Masticating juicers – Vertical and Horizontal. This refers to how the juicing auger mechanism is situated in the machine.


The newest and Best type is the Vertical design- the VRT350HD and VRT330HD. These are the best juicers we’ve ever used, hands down. They are so easy to use, are fast, efficient, and easy to clean. We love all Omega juicers, but we love these even a little more! These are the latest and greatest design of all juicers on the market. For anyone who is going to juice on a daily basis, it’s the only way to go. These juicers literally autofeed/“Eat up” the produce as you put it in, barely any user pushing or forcing is required like most other juicers.

The only difference between the 330HD and 350HD is the color of the machine – 330=white, 350=slver.


Horizontal type masticating juicers are the 8003,8004,8005,8006 models. They have been on the market for a long time and are the models that made Omega the juicing powerhouse that it is today. They are built like tanks and are the easiest of any juicer to clean. They also have the advantage of making other foods(homogenizing) in addition to juicing. Such as making nut butters, pastas, sorbets, baby foods and more. These juicers require a bit more prep chopping up the produce as the chute is a smaller opening compared to the VRT models. These juicers do not autofeed ”eat up” the produce like the VRT models. The user also has to use more force to get the produce into the juicer, not a big deal, but if you are gonna juice everyday, the VRT will seem like a dream compared to the 8000 series!  But if you are interested in making the other foods in addition to juicing, the 8000 series will be perfect for you.

8003 (white)  & 8005 (silver) machines are the same except color, 10 year warranty.

8004HD(white) and 8006HD (silver) are the upgraded Heavy Duty versions of the same machine with a 15 year warranty!!



Do you have a store where I can pick up a juicer?

Sunshine Juicers is an online store, we do not have a pickup location. This allows us to ship direct to you, and we can pass the savings on to you!


How much does shipping cost?

Omega juicers ship for FREE!


Shipping- shipping time, PO boxes, tracking, etc?

We ship out using Ground service from UPS and Fedex.

Most orders ship the next business day from when they are placed. You will receive an email with the tracking information when your order ships. Since we use Fedex and UPS to ship, we cannot ship to a PO Box address, please supply a physical address when ordering to avoid delays. We cannot ship via expedited or overnight shipping, we only ship ground service.


Return Policy

We are so sure that you will love your new Omega Juicer, we will let you try it out for 15 days risk free! If you don’t Love your new juicer, just send it back to us and we’ll refund 100% of your money. You cannot register the warranty in these 15 days. Units that have been registered with Omega cannot be returned, sorry. Please contact us before returning a unit to get our return address and an RMA#.


Omega Juicer Warranty

Omega Masticating Juicers have either a 10 year or 15 year warranty depending on the model. For full warranty details please see the Omega Manufacturer’s website - http://www.omegajuicers.com/warranty-policy/


How do I contact you?

The easiest and quickest way to get an answer to your questions is to email us at info@sunshinejuicers.com we answer emails many times throughout the day and night and this guarantees we will received you request.

You can also LIVE Chat on our website. Operators are available during business  hours. Please be patient with LIVE Chat as our operators are assisting many customers at the same time. We recommend email for all in depth questions and concerns.

You can call us at 1-800-600-9743, however, to pass on the low savings to you, we do not have a large phone staff. If you receive our voicemail, please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you. If you leave your email in the voice message, we can more clearly answer you questions directly rather than playing phone tag with you J


What is your favorite Juice Recipe?

-Well..... there are so many! but our favorite daily morning juice is:

2 apples 
1 lemon 
2 stalks celery 
1 bunch spinach 
1 small head romaine lettuce

we call it super green power juice! 

Any other questions? - just let us know! fill out the contact form on the right side of the page. Or click on the Live Chat window to talk with us now!